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Writing modules

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  • Look at ZNC API here or directly in ZNC headers
  • Create your own module.cpp file (you can look into the sample module's source for help. Of course, you can look to other existing modules too)
  • #include <znc/main.h> and <znc/Modules.h>
  • Create a new class derived from CModule overriding any module hooks that you need
  • Be sure to add the macro call MODULEDEFS(CYourClass) at the END of the file
  • Compile your module into a shared object (.so file) (See Compiling modules)
  • Place the .so file into your ~/.znc/modules directory !!!WARNING!!! if you overwrite a .so file while znc has it loaded, it can and probably will crash znc, /msg *status unloadmod foo first!


Look at modperl.


Look at modpython.