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This module allows a ZNC admin to send raw traffic to IRC from other ZNC users.



This user module takes no arguments.

Read loading modules to learn more about loading modules.


In the following commands, the admin user running send_raw joins the ZNC user named 'Eve' to #znc on the network named 'freenode', sends a message to #znc as her, invites the nick 'Adam' to #znc as her, and quits her from the server, and then uses the ZNC user psychon to grant Adam +o channel mode in #znc.

/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode JOIN #znc
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode PRIVMSG #znc :I'm using znc!
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode INVITE Adam #znc
/msg *send_raw Server Eve freenode QUIT Jumping.Server!
/msg *send_raw Server psychon freenode MODE #znc +o Adam

Please note that this module expects a raw line. This means that all client aliases and client commands DO NOT work (e.g. /msg is in reality PRIVMSG).

For other RAW commands, visit irchelp