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If for some reason you can't or don't want to install ZNC yourself, you may choose to get an account at some existing provider.

Free ZNC providers

[Edit data]

Provider Max Networks per User ZNC Version Language Connectivity
(to destination networks)
IRC Support Date Started ZNC locations
(country codes, using exceptions)
Default Premium
BNC4FREE 3 1.8.1* English both &3017160977112009-01-05 CA, DE, FR
xShellz 2 12, 20, or 30 1.6.5 English both &3017160977112009-03-01 UK, US
ZNC.BG 1 1.6.3* English both &3017160977112016-01-25 BG, CZ, DE, IT
TechnoFAQZNC 3 (more upon request) 10 (more upon request) 1.8.2 English IPv6 (IPv4 requires Premium) &3017160977112017-11-02 NL, NO
bnc4you 5 (libera + 4 choices) 1.9.x-git English IPv4-only &3017160977112018-03-03 TR
IRCNow 100 (more upon request) 1.8.2 English / Chinese / Urdu
/ Tamil / Spanish
both &3017160977112019-08-26 LU, US

Versions with " * " are modified versions.

Free network specific ZNC providers

They allow connection only to one specific network.

[Edit data]

Provider Network
RizonBNC Rizon
Snoonet Snoonet

How you can start a new ZNC provider

  • Choose a hosting whose terms of service allow hosting IRC services; affordable; provides you with access to a unix or linux shell.
  • Install znc.
  • Install and configure an ident daemon, via, for example, identfile. The purpose of this is that users can not change their ident, and are easier to identify in the (hopefully rare) cases of abuse.
  • Create and document the new user sign-up and abuse report procedures.
  • List your ZNC provider in the table above.