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August 15th 2007, efnet/#znc

[21:37:33] <@Imaginos> i did the write shaping a few years ago to keep my bots from flooding off
[21:37:37] <@Imaginos> irc
[21:38:16] <@Imaginos> you know the predate history of znc ?
[21:38:40] <@x-x> never been good in history :>
[21:38:44] <@Imaginos> its kinda cool
[21:38:58] <@Imaginos> some guy i know wanted to encrypt eggdrop
[21:39:28] <@Imaginos> i said fuck that, and i made an agreement that if he did some web development for me i would write a eggdrop clone from scratch
[21:39:42] <@Imaginos> and Csocket was born
[21:39:46] <@x-x> heh
[21:39:50] <@Imaginos> but the guy never did my web development
[21:39:56] <@Imaginos> so i never gave him the bot source
[21:40:19] <@Imaginos> so, a couple years went by, and prozac wanted a better bnc
[21:40:50] <@Imaginos> so he was going to implement a plugin to the bot to do bouncing
[21:40:57] <@Imaginos> but he said fuck that
[21:41:02] <@Imaginos> and znc was born :)
[21:41:19] <@x-x> heh
[21:41:31] <@Imaginos> i think he had the first round of znc up and running in like 3 days
[21:41:38] <@x-x> nice one
[21:43:19] <@prozac> i had a bunch of ideas for a bounce and then i saw that psy did most of them so i just downloaded psy
[21:43:27] <@prozac> then psy kept crashing and felt very clunky
[21:43:33] <@Imaginos> yeah, thats right
[21:43:36] <@prozac> so i decided to write one
[21:43:46] <@prozac> and imaginos let me use Csocket
[21:43:56] <@x-x> i did switch from psy cause i could not run two users on it and connect from my box to both, hate that psybnc multinetwork crap
[21:44:06] <@prozac> didn't you open source Csocket just for znc?
[21:44:18] <@Imaginos> i think the reason you didn't do one on the bot was because you didn't like that it had so much control
[21:44:20] <@Imaginos> yeah
[21:44:56] <@x-x> you keep track how many ppl download it?
[21:45:07] <@Imaginos> no, actually
[21:45:22] <@Imaginos> i dunno if anyone else uses it besides znc, my bot

November 13th 2007, efnet/#znc

[19:48:30] <@prozac> znc was originally on's cvs before
[19:48:43] <@prozac> and that's when most of the development happened
[19:48:53] <@prozac> in a couple of weekends =P

January 6th 2010, efnet/#znc

<SHiZNO> psychon: znc's first commit was 2004-07-20 17:39:19

July 10 2014, efnet/DGandalf <-> Imaginos

<Imaginos> if i was to write Csocket today, it would likely look much different
<Imaginos> its 14 years old now :)
<Imaginos> kind of amazing IMHO
<DGandalf> 14? ZNC is 10 years now?
<Imaginos> i wrote Csocket long before ZNC
<Imaginos> i originally wrote it for an eggdrop clone i was developing
<Imaginos> and actually, ZNC started as a .so plugin for that eggdrop (shizno wrote)
<Imaginos> not 14 years, 13 years

July 10 2014, efnet

[22:38:29] <@DGandalf> Oh, ZNC anniversary is in 10 days, btw
[22:41:03] <@fred> how old ?
[22:52:55] <@DGandalf> <SHiZNO> psychon: znc's first commit was 2004-07-20 17:39:19
[22:53:41] <@fred> hm
[22:53:51] <@fred> strange
[22:53:58] <@fred> my son is 9 now
[22:54:17] <@fred> damnit
[22:54:32] <@fred> i must have been here right from the start
[22:54:53] <@fred> i still remember that evening at my neighors place
[22:55:08] <@fred> 'searching for psy replacement'
[22:55:33] <@fred> he was one of these guys who had 3-4 monitors and 6 computers @home
[22:55:39] <@fred> all on
[22:56:23] <@fred> are you in need of a mascot ? :D
[22:56:51] <@fred> but to me it seems longer then 10 years
[22:57:11] <@Imaginos> <DGandalf> <SHiZNO> psychon: znc's first commit was 2004-07-20 17:39:19
[22:57:21] <@fred> swear !
[22:57:22] <@Imaginos> i thinking there may be older commits on my original cvs server
[22:57:28] <@fred> yes
[22:57:32] <@Imaginos> been trying to find them
[22:57:35] <@fred> and you had that chan
[22:57:39] <@fred> before
[22:57:54] <@fred> thats older then 10 yrs already
[22:59:16] <@Imaginos> shizno has an account on my box that goes back to 2000
[22:59:42] <@Imaginos> snippits of code laying around, but nothing i see that looks znc-ish that predates sourceforge :(
[22:59:48] <@Imaginos> oh.... i know
[23:03:27] <@Imaginos> (looking at a massive tar.xz, might be a while)
[23:03:39] <@fred> gogogo
[23:04:01] <@fred> to me it seems 2001
[23:04:04] <@fred> 2002
[23:05:15] <@Imaginos> i'm thinking 2003
[23:05:41] <@Imaginos> i have the server from that era archived
[23:05:45] <@Imaginos> so going to find out i think
[23:07:36] <@Imaginos> i have another meeting :(
[23:07:47] <@Imaginos> bbiab, archive should be extracted by then
[23:09:46] <@fred> haha
[23:09:50] <@fred> cet is nice
[23:10:51] fred sets mode +o SHiZNO
[00:18:58] <@Imaginos> so, seems like that cvs date from sourceforge includes the cvs pulled from which makes sense
[00:19:11] <@Imaginos> i did find a pid file for znc from dec 1, 2004 FWIW
[00:19:28] <@Imaginos> and I do recall shizno worked from plain directory (no cvs) for a while