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This page tries to display the current status of ZNC on different platforms.

Platforms with continuous testing enabled

These are guaranteed to work.

Platform Compiler Notes
Linux gcc
Linux clang
OS X clang
Windows (Cygwin) gcc

Other platforms

This table only means that someone at some point successfully compiled ZNC. It probably still works. Also note that this table was last updated in 2011.

If ZNC doesn't work on some platform, please file a bug.

Platform Compiler Notes
Linux gcc
FreeBSD gcc
OpenBSD gcc
GNU gcc
Darwin gcc
Cygwin gcc
Solaris >= 10 gcc Requires znc 0.093 or later
Solaris <= 9 gcc Requires znc 0.099 or later
OpenIndiana 2015.10 gcc ZNC 1.6.3 works ootb
Irix gcc Requires znc 0.099 or later
Windows msvc Unoffical patches and precompiled packages available at [1]
icpc (icc) Seems to work fine if you are lucky (Hint: -diag-disable 383,444,869,981,1419,1572,1710,1711,1712,2259)
Windows cygwin